Fast X, the director does not rule out the death of some characters

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“That’s the beauty of coming close to the end of this franchise: I don’t have to say, “Oh, well, these characters are gonna live forever”. No. It might not happen, because it’s the end. Only in westerns do cowboys gallop off into the sunset. This is definitely different. The thing gave me the freedom to up the ante more than they have done so far”. In an interview given to Total Film Magazine Louis Leterrier, director Of Fast Xthe tenth episode of the saga of Fast & Furioushas not ruled out that the last two cinematic stages of the franchise (which will also include the next Fast & Furious XI) may involve the death of some protagonists and he stated that, indeed, the prospects of non-survival of the characters were a source of inspiration for him. Leterrier replaced colleague Justin Linwho had directed five films in the saga but which, due to an argument with Vin Diesel finally gave up the job. According to a source, in fact, Lin would have slammed the door saying: “This film is not worth my mental health”. After taking over the directing reins, Leterrier changed Lin’s original story entirely: “I had to change everything. I had to make it work. I do not sleep! There is so much to do. [Ma] it’s the thrill ride of life.”


In the trailer Of Fast Xwhere daring car chases culminate in explosions even on the banks of the Tiber, the villain Dante Reyes (played by Jason Momoa) seeks revenge against Dominic “Dom” Toretto (interpreted by Vin Diesel) and promises that those he loves will die. Michelle Rodriguez, star of the franchise, called the character of Dante the best villain of the saga. “Revenge with a smirk. Sounds light, but when you’ll see [il film], you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.” In the meantime, the film is expected in Italian cinemas on May 18th.