Fast X, this is how Bryan Tyler remixed Swan Lake for Jason Momoa

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If anyone knows the musical world of the franchise Fast and Furiousthat’s the composer Brian Tyler. Over the years she has composed and invented music and arrangements that have accompanied the story of Dom, Leey and Cipher, but now with Fast X has decided to put his talent as a composer at the service of the character of Jason Momoa.

“Swan Lake” remix

“Dante is charming and makes you laugh. So, I used high strings like the harp, and then we got into bass music with modern instruments. He gives you this feeling that you can’t look away. There is a sense [nella sua musica] to empathize with him, and understand why he becomes this villain,” says Tyler. And so, in the course of the film it is revealed that Dante is also eccentric a ballet fanand when he’s not attempting to blow up Rome, he’s indulging in his love of the Swan Lake Of Tchaikovsky. But instead of taking the chords of the song as is, Tyler chose to remix the music, making it perfectly suited to the character of Jason Momoa. “You can do that, you can change the surrounding chords and still hear the theme of the Swan Lake even if it is very far away. So when you see it in the film, you recognize the melody, but it feels wrong,” the composer said about remixing him. Sonically, Tyler was able to draw from the musical DNA of past films, including Fast Five and previous films, as the tenth installment of the saga returns to the streets of London, Rio and now Rome.

Dante’s character

In Fast X it’s up to Jason Momoa to be at the center of Brian Tyler’s score. And for the tenth chapter of the saga, the composer has chosen to focus on the character of Dante, who has returned to avenge the death of his father Hernan Reyes, who disappeared in Fast & Furious 5 by the hand of Toretto’s team. And so, her son returns after years luring Dom, Letty and the other team members to make him pay once and for all. But Brian Tyler chose not to focus on this dark side of Dante’s personality, but rather his own more fascinating side. And so it was.