Fatal charm, what to know about the South African TV series

In a few days, Fatal Charm has climbed the ranking of the most viewed titles on Netflix. The credit goes to its complex plot, the skilful interweaving of twists and turns, and the perfect mix of crime and erotic dynamics.

At the center of the story is Nandi, a university professor, wife of a judge and with an abortion never passed behind her. Her life takes an unexpected, and at times disturbing, turn when Jacob enters her life and class. A talented student, an aspiring lawyer with a passion for engines and with a very specific goal: to avenge the death of his father, who committed suicide in prison following a crime (probably) never committed.

Fatal Charmthe plot

The marriage between Nandi and the husband, Leonardis deeply in crisis. The woman is convinced that he is cheating on her with her assistant, and that she believes her guilty of her miscarriage which occurred shortly before her. Not even her love for her daughter Zinhle can bring them together. So, when she meets Jacob at a party, Nandi lets herself be seduced. The two start one clandestine relationshipexplicitly rendered on the small screen with scenes alla Sex/Life. JacobHowever, it is not what it seems. Or rather, it’s not who tells. His father, who committed suicide in prison when he was just a child, was serving a sentence for the rape and killing of a little girl. And it was Leonard himself who had him convicted. Thus, it soon turns out that everything was prepared: Jacob managed to meet Nandi, he spied on her, conquered her, seduced her. But he hadn’t reckoned with Brenda, his best friend later found dead. And not even with Vuyo, brother of Leonard, an ex-cop linked to Brenda now serving as a private investigator. Did Jacob really kill Brenda, as Vuyo claims? And who killed the little girl for which the boy’s father was convicted? Does Leonard have something to hide? The first part of the series provides no answers. Leave everything to one second partwhose release date has not yet been revealed.

The cast of Fatal Charm

The cast of Fatal Charm is made up of many familiar faces from the big and small South African screens.

Ninde Mahlati has the face of Kgomotso Christopher, protagonist of Isindingo And Zaziwa. Jacob Tau is Prince Grootboom, actor, dancer and musician born in 1999. Leonard Mahlati is Thapelo Mokoena, Cedric Fatani in Wild at Heart and featured in the cast of Mandela – The long road to freedom. Zinhle Mahlati is Ngelekanyo Ramulondi, Vuyo Mahlati is Nathaniel Ramabulana.