Fatarella (Save the Children): “Sport accelerator of well-being”

“We came to Save the Children’s ‘Punto Luce’ in Quarto Oggiaro to present the project which, together with Kinder, we have developed starting from the ‘Joy of moving’ methodology. It means exploiting sport as an accelerator of not only physical but also emotional well-being. This is what we do here and in eight other Save the Children ‘Points of Light’ where sport not only keeps our kids fit but also helps them increase self-awareness, collaboration with others and feel good ”. As Daniela Fatarella, director of Save the Children Italyon the occasion of the presentation of the Kinder Joy of moving project, an innovative, scientifically validated educational method, developed in collaboration with the University of Rome Foro Italico, the Coni and the Miur of Piedmont, following a project research that involved over a thousand primary school children over the course of three years.

The project is hosted by Save the Children’s ‘Light Points’ “are educational spaces that arise in areas with low educational density – explains Fatarella – here we accompany the kids not only in their schooling, but we free up their talents and opportunities by allowing them to experiment in many different actions from art to music, to sport and for sport there is ‘Joy of moving’”.

A project that confirms the close collaboration between Ferrero and Save the Children. “Collaborating with private companies is very important – concludes Fatarella – Not only because companies allow us to carry out many of our projects but because it is essential to create a network, exchange skills and, as we are doing with ‘Kinder Joy of moving’, have methodologies joint ventures that can accelerate the well-being of girls and boys”.