Father Chiara Gualzetti: “My daughter killed like Michelle, minor killers pay the right penalty”

“To the girl’s parents I say: my wife died of grief, don’t keep it all inside”

“When you lose a child it’s like losing pieces of yourself along the way. With Michelle’s murder, while I was burying my wife, I relived what my daughter went through. She too was a minor, killed with five stab wounds by a friend of her age that we knew at home, for a reason never clarified. Abandoned among the hedges and found only thanks to a testimony on June 28, the same day on which, two years later, the body of the 17-year-old was found in Rome. She too would have ended up in an uncultivated field, if his murderer had not found a gate to bar his way”. Speaking to Adnkronos is Vincenzo Gualzetti, father of Chiara, who was stabbed first and then kicked in the face on the morning of June 27, 2021 in Monteveglio, in the province of Bologna.

The man, who only yesterday also gave his last farewell to his wife Giusy who died of grief, appealed to Michelle Maria Causo’s parents: “Hold on, you will swim in a stormy sea where, in addition to the devastating and impossible to to soothe over time in this case not at all a gentleman, you will have to attend a trial which is a bit of a joke, unacceptable, you will bump your head against ridiculous laws that do not ensure the right punishment for underage murderers. May they never keep the pain inside, let them vent , cry and scream, because my wife never did, she somatized the despair that ultimately destroyed her. And then, when they feel strong enough to try to change things, to make the death of a other daughter is not in vain, join me so that these bastards pay for what they have done”.

Like today, at the exit of the Santa Maria della Presentation parish in Torevecchia, Gianluca did, Vincenzo did two years ago: “I know the pain of Michelle’s father, who today did not take his eyes off his daughter’s coffin. I I know what it feels like in that moment when the coffin is closed, when he enters the hearse and becomes aware, as perhaps never before, of the fact that he is now leaving, that he does not return. Justice – he says – does not give back a son killed, but it gives relief, it helps. It gives value to a death that makes no sense. And instead, even if you have a sort of tranquility when the murderer is caught, then you find yourself faced with absurd laws where the trial takes place only protection of the underage murderer. There is too much protection for these kids. But if at 14 you can get a license and drive on the road, then you are old enough to answer for your actions, mature and responsible like an 18 year old” . (by Silvia Mancinelli)