Fauna Spiro Transparent, the smart sunglasses

Fauna is an Austrian company founded in 2019, born from the union with the Zeiss sunglasses brand. We tried the Spiro Transparent Brown smart glasses model. In the package we find the glasses, the smart case and the charging cable. Beautiful design, excellent quality: they protect perfectly from the sun. In addition, prescription lenses can be fitted in any optician’s shop. To be smart, Fauna glasses don’t even weigh that much compared to a classic model.

Smart features

Each rod has a microspeaker, a mini-woofer to hear the music and two microphones to talk. And then they are touch: just rub your finger on the rods and we can change the audio levels or answer calls. The battery guarantees up to 4 hours if used for calling and listening to music, 2 hours for recharging. Calls are heard very well and listening to music is more than enough. The only flaw? Those next to us may hear what we are hearing (but if the audio is kept low, privacy is not in question). Fauna’s smart glasses connect comfortably with the phone’s Bluetooth and are recharged with the supplied case that acts as a powerbank and allows you to do 4 full recharges. The list price is 199 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Lens qualities
  • Audio call


  • Audio can annoy people around you