FCA Bank enters the world of two wheels: at Eicma the presentation of dedicated products

Not only financial, insurance and mobility products dedicated to the automotive world: FCA Bank, a 50/50 joint venture between Stellantis and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, enters the world of two wheels. The bank announced it today at the 78th edition of Eicma, during a presentation workshop dedicated to dealers and industry representatives.

An operation, reads a note, “with which FCA Bank aims not only to preside over the Italian market, in which it is present with 18 brands and a turnover of 10.2 billion euros in the first half of 2021, but also to extend its range of action. The goal is to bring, even in the rapidly growing two-wheeler market, that wealth of skills and know-how gained in over 90 years of experience in the automotive sector, offering innovative financial products and insurance services “.

Products that “are now reformulated in order to intercept the different needs of customers whether they are private individuals or freelancers, with a wide range of tailor-made financial solutions, available on both new and used models: from traditional standard installment products, with installments of fixed for the entire duration of the loan, to those with a final maxi-installment, up to the formulas with a mini-installment that provide for an initial period with a lower installment to facilitate the purchase. To complete the range, FCA Bank also offers the Personal Contract Purchase (Pcp) , an extremely flexible financial structure that allows the customer, at the end of the contract, to decide whether to replace the vehicle, pay or refinance the final residual installment, or return it “, reads the bank note again.

To these formulas is added leasing, which offers both freelancers and individuals “the advantage of freely disposing of a two-wheeled vehicle without immobilizing the capital with the purchase, planning management costs with certainty and benefiting from advantageous rates. and dedicated services. All financial offers can be combined with a wide range of policies and insurance coverage with high added value, proposed in collaboration with the best providers on the market, to guarantee the customer peace of mind and security in the purchase and during the entire cycle. life of the contract with FCA Bank “.

Furthermore, as a digital bank with a strong predisposition to omnichannel, FCA Bank integrates financial products with innovative digital solutions and processes. First of all, the Sell-Fi platform, the new management system of FCA Bank, which, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, allows the remote identification of the customer, the online upload of the documentation, the optical character recognition system, the biometric check. and electronic signature. The mirroring function is also integrated into the platform, which allows you to view the characteristics of the offer in real time on your device.

A full responsive E-Commerce platform is also available, soon to be extended to motorcycles. A system that uses the most advanced technologies, on which it is possible to choose, in a few clicks, the means, the financing, the installment, the duration and then send the request for approval. Thanks to the biometric recognition and digital signature, it is possible to receive a loan agreement via email in a short time; once the purchase is complete, you can collect the chosen motorcycle at the dealer or have it delivered to your home.