Fdi, Fidanza and former councilor of Brescia under investigation for corruption

The MEP: “I am more than serene, I have not committed any illegal act and I am sure that the investigations will prove it”. La Russa: “Full solidarity, surreal affair”

Charles Fidanza, the MEP of the Brothers of Italy who had suspended himself after the Black Lobby investigation, and Giovanni Francesco Acri, former Brescia city councilor
they are under investigation by the Milan public prosecutor for corruption for acts contrary to official duties. The financiers of the Economic-Financial Police Unit of the Milan Finance Police “are carrying out local and home searches and documentary acquisitions” in the statement signed by the chief prosecutor Marcello Viola.

According to the accusatory hypothesis, the Brescia exponent of the party led by Giorgia Meloni resigned from the office of city councilor “receiving in exchange the benefit represented by the hiring of his own son as parliamentary assistant” of Fidanza.

The story is not new to local news. On June 25, 2021, Acri resigns for personal reasons, but already at the beginning of October there are those who write about an anonymous complaint in which doubts are raised about the recruitment of the son of the only one elected by the Brothers of Italy to the Council. The authors of the complaint invite the magistrates to investigate the causes of the resignation of Acri which is replaced by Giangiacomo Calovini as the first of the non-elected and close to Fidanza. For the prosecutors of Milan Cristiana Roveda and Giovanni Polizzi the alarm bell should be sought among the political opportunities that this change in the Municipality has brought to the Acri family: the son, after the resignation of his father, was hired as a local assistant in the political secretariat of the MEP.

“I learned with surprise of this new investigation, which seems to include the contents of an anonymous complaint filed with the Brescia prosecutor in October 2021, a few days after the broadcast of a Fanpage journalistic investigation. Obviously, in politics, one cannot everyone likes me and probably someone tried to hit me in a difficult moment, hiding behind anonymity. I just want to say that I am more than serene, I have not committed any illegal act and I am sure that the investigations will prove it“So Carlo Fidanza comments on the new investigation that sees him under investigation.

L’exchange agreement between the Fdi MEP (self-suspended) and the former city councilor, would be finalized on 18 June 2021. It is learned from judicial sources. The Guardia di Finanza – in addition to the home search of the former councilor – carried out “documentary acquisitions” in the office of a Milanese accountant considered ‘third party’, a figure provided for by European legislation that indicates the person appointed by the politician for the management of loans to be distributed to his collaborators.

Today it was acquired from the financiers the contract for the functions of ‘local assistant’ stipulated towards Jacopo Acri
(not investigated)son of the Brescian exponent of Fratelli d’Italia, who would have been – according to the hypothesis of the prosecutors Cristiana Roveda and Giovanni Polizzi – the object of the alleged corruption: Giovanni Acri would have taken a step back in the Council (being replaced by Giangiacomo Calovini , not investigated, considered close to Fidanza) in exchange for a job for the son, an assumption that would have been completed about four months before the boy turned 18.

The investigation into the resignation represents an independent line of investigation compared to that on the so-called ‘black Lobby’ which sees Fidanza under investigation for illicit financing and money laundering. In addition to the documents concerning all the relations between Fidanza and Acri, the financiers also acquired documents from the accountancy firm concerning other collaborators of the Fdi MEP to verify the regularity of the employment relations.

LA RUSSA: “FULL SOLIDARITY, SURREAL EVENT” – ” First of all, I want to express full solidarity with Carlo Fidanza who has already been hit by an accusation, who is waiting for a response from the judiciary and I am confident that he will end with his acquittal. He is now being investigated for a story that is surreal … ”. Thus Ignazio La Russa comments with Adnkronos on the case of the Fdi-Ecr MEP.

” Reading from the press agencies underlines the vice president of the Senate and among the founders of Fdi- we learn that his fault would be that of having hired the son of a friend, who has decided to resign as city councilor. There is no talk and there is no news of pressures of any kind from Fidanza, nor is there any news that leads to a decision to resign in some way forced “.

“If this were a crime – warns La Russa – the leaders, for example, of the Democratic Party, who often win public competitions – I think deservedly – should be very alert and attentive, even if some anonymous interested party might suspect that they are conditioned. crime – he explains – the reasons for any resignation as a municipal councilor and the subsequent fate of the same and his family members should be checked in all the municipalities of Italy. There is talk of an anonymous complaint, this – warns La Russa – would be enough qualify the story ”.