FdI focuses on Lombardy. Osnato: “Lega-Fi Federation? Cav can’t be new”

Kermesse on January 13 and 14 in Milan, awaiting Meloni’s intervention

Brothers of Italy focuses on Milan to launch its ‘Opa’ on Lombardy and to confirm the leadership within the center-right coalition, after the vote on the policies of 25 September which brought its leader, Giorgia Meloni, to Palazzo Chigi. The ‘Mi-Lo: Innovation, Development, Tradition’ event, organized by Stefano Maullu, coordinator of FdI in the Lombard capital, will be held on 13 and 14 January in Milan at the Testori Auditorium of Palazzo Lombardia. A kermesse, where the general staff of FdI (MPs, undersecretaries, ministers) will parade and where Meloni’s participation is not excluded, even if the modalities of the intervention of the Prime Minister, remotely or in presence, still remain to be defined.

Supporting the race of the outgoing Northern League governor Attilio Fontana, Brothers of Italy will be confirmed as the first party also in Lombardy? “If the outcome of the vote will be the one indicated by the polls, certainly yes”, Marco Osnato, FdI deputy elected in Lombardy and president of the Finance Commission of Montecitorio told Adnkronos. The regional elections of 12 and 13 February will also be an internal challenge for the center-right, but “we are interested in Fdi’s message being picked up even more by the electorate. We are much more interested in the center-right winning”, Osnato points out: ” We demonstrated this in Sicily, where despite being the strongest party we ensured that the outgoing president gave way to an equally appreciated exponent of Forza Italia. We never hesitated to put up our flag. But we don’t abdicate our role as leader of the coalition”.

Behind the scenes, Silvio Berlusconi intends to create a federation between Forza Italia and Lega to ‘check’ the excessive power of Meloni and Fdi… “The excessive power – Osnato replies – I see it in the consensus of the people, but this depends by the will of the voters. If Salvini and Berlusconi take the path of the single party, they are very free to do so. Berlusconi had a worthy role in 1994, he cannot be the one who embodies the novelty in 2023”, the Melonian exponent bluntly states . On the hypothesis of a centre-right single party, the president of the Finance Commission says he is “very secular”: “I don’t think the formula is an end but a means. I was a great supporter of the PDL, but unfortunately Berlusconi and Fini for reasons personal personalities have destroyed that experience. Today there is Fdi who embodies a new value system and we continue on our path”.

After the programmatic conference in April 2022, Fdi returns to look at the Lombard capital: “Milan and Lombardy are crucial. The North is the nation’s economic engine. We are interested in the complexity of the entire national fabric but we must certainly support the productive sectors. The electoral result in September, with a percentage in Lombardy of around 30%, demonstrated that the voters recognize our commitment”, continues Osnato, who never fails to point his finger at some choices by the regional government.

“In the February elections – assures the parliamentarian – FdI will be much more decisive than in the past. We want and must give our contribution in a more significant way, not only as regards the political team, in the composition of the junta, but also in the administrative structure , that some small flaws have shown it… Anyone who has identified the then general manager of Aria Spa should ask themselves why a judge writes those things: probably there was little attention in evaluating the skills of some managers” , concludes Osnato commenting on the sentence with which the Milanese judge, Guido Salvini, acquitted and acquitted the two managers accused of fraud in public supplies, for having sold 2 million masks to Aria Spa, the purchasing center of the Lombardy Region, in February 2020 , which were never delivered. A sentence in which the magistrate speaks of “completely disordered management” by Aria Spa.

(by Antonio Atte)