Fdi, Roscani: “We focus on young people and look to the future, Meloni clear ‘never sympathy for fascism'”

“We are a party that looks to young people, to the future” because “it is precisely the young people of this nation who are the solution to the problems. We do not want to accept the paradigm of previous governments which have considered the new generations a political, social and market problem of work, which they did not know how to solve”. Fabio Roscani, a young Fdi deputy from Rome, born in 1990, rejects any accusation of nostalgia for the past. President of Gioventù Nazionale, the ‘junior’ formation of Fdi, since 2017 Roscani claims “how my party relies on a new ruling class, which focuses on young people. Not only in politics”.

A party like ours, at the helm of the country, is “really looking to the future, starting from our kids who deserve new spaces and new opportunities – he underlines to Adnkronos -. It is not clear who continues to make controversy, talking about the past, as they do for example on the left, where the accusation against us of fascism remains standing, accusation only instrumental and without foundation”. “Meloni – reiterates the leader of the Fdi youth – has said it several times, we have nothing to do with dictatorships, with those cultures that have expressed fascism and Nazism, for example”.

Roscani almost remembers the premier’s inauguration speech in the Chamber, last 25 October, when he reiterated that “freedom and democracy are the distinctive elements of contemporary European civilization in which I have always recognized myself. And therefore, in spite of what instrumentally it has been argued, I have never felt sympathy or closeness towards anti-democratic regimes. For any regime, including fascism”. “It’s very clear,” adds Roscani.

Concepts that Meloni herself had already expressed on other occasions, perhaps by putting them in black and white. Like when in the preface of the volume ‘The boys of the cyclostile – Young Italy, a student movement against the system’, by Adalberto Baldoni and Alessandro Amorese, released in 2021, he wrote: “I have never felt any inspiration for fascism”.

“We are looking ahead, far from fascism – adds Roscani today – we are aiming for a long-term, far-reaching project, which is based precisely on investments to favor the new generations. It is a battle on which our Prime Minister is betting All”.

Roscani recalls how “a lot has already been done in the last budget law to facilitate the hiring of under 36s” and again how “by now it is clear that the rhetoric of mere welfare, of sofa income earners no longer convinces anyone”. “We want to ensure that even the emigration of young people, of Italian boys who have to leave Italy to find a job, ends soon, because this is where our students and graduates must build their future”, concludes Roscani.