Fdi, squeeze on communication: “Deputies pass through the press office”

The chat message to the 118 elected members of Giorgia Meloni’s party

Communication squeeze for Brothers of Italy. In a chat to the 118 elected members of Giorgia Meloni’s party in the Chamber, he recalled how “the parliamentary group of Brothers of Italy has a Press Office, headed by Donatella Di Nitto, available to deputies who intend to use it”.

“To the deputies of the group who instead use different personnel – we read in the chat – I ask to arrange for the press releases in their name to be sent to the Press Office of the group, for subsequent forwarding to the agencies, and this is to encourage the development of a coherent communication, and to avoid the dissemination of positions relating to issues on which it was decided not to intervene”.

“I am sure that, by sharing the spirit of this message, you will comply with the request. Thank you, as always, for your cooperation”, concludes the message sent by the group leader of Fdi to Montecitorio Tommaso Foti.