Fear brakes Piazza Affari, Bper and Tenaris are saved

Negative day for Piazza Affari, held back by the fears of international investors for the geopolitical tensions that are damaging the semiconductor sector, combined with fears for the American inflation data in July that will arrive tomorrow and for the consequent moves of the central banks. After yesterday’s gain, the Ftse Mib loses 1.05%, closing at 22,488.49 points. The spread between BTPs and German Bunds remains close to 210 basis points.

In the main list of Piazza Affari the best results are those of Tenaris (+ 1.01%) and Bper (+ 0.81%). The former benefits from the rise in the price of oil above 90 dollars a barrel. The title of the Emilian bank, on the other hand, rises after the Court of Genoa took time to decide whether to confirm or revoke the stop imposed on the Board of Carige, taken over by Bper. The market was expecting a choice today.

For the rest, bankers record results in chiaroscuro. Unicredit (-0.56%), Banca Generali (-1.74%), Fineco (-1.40%), Mediolanum (-0.50%) and Banco Bpm (-0.85%) are down. On a par with Intesa Sanpaolo (-0.07%), thanks to the repurchase of treasury shares in recent days.

The worst result, however, is that of Stm (-5.28%), in the wake of lower than expected revenue estimates provided by some of the main American semiconductor manufacturers. Also negative were Pirelli (-3.38%), Nexi (-2.44%), Stellantis (-2.54%), Iveco Group (-1.07%), Moncler (-1.38%) and Enel (-0.48%). On the other hand, Eni was up (+ 0.40%). (in collaboration with Money.it)