Fear for the artist: an accident forces her to postpone the tour

Accident for the beloved artist, forced to postpone the dates of her concerts: surgery is needed, as she is now.

Dates shifted for the concerts of the famous singer who, due to a bad fallreported one fracture of the femur. “I’m sorry but I put my foot in a hole. The sidewalks are broken and cause accidents, including mine, ”she explained herself. Her next tour, titled Women and Musicshould have started on 10 November in Florence.

Singer Fright Accident (Credits: Pixabay)

Subjected to a surgeryas her press office informs, was forced to postpone the concert dates and postpone the Florentine stage to January 28, 2023. The scenario for the show scheduled in the Tuscan capital will remain the Tuscany hall and tickets already purchased for November 10 will be valid. For those wishing to request a refund, you can find the procedure to follow by connecting to the website www.rimborso.info by 14 November.

The Italian music star, however, reassured the fans about his condition: “I broke my thighbone, but strength and courage, we will meet at these concerts that will make me happy and I am sure you too”. Forced to rest right now, will start directly with the December appointments. According to the press release, the first of these is set for day 3 in Padua. It will then continue with “Rome, Brescia and Milan. It will resume in 2023, after the holidays, with Bologna, Turin, Perugia, Florence and Genoa ”.

Accident for the artist: fans eager to see her on stage again

The show Women and Music will see the famous Italian voice accompanied only by women. Five very talented musicians: the pianist and arranger Sade Mangiaracina, Leila Shirvani on the cello, the guitarist Eleonora Strino, Laura Klain on the drums, Federica Michisanti on the double bass.

What worried the millions of fans who have always followed her was precisely Ornella Vanoni, one of the most popular faces on the Italian art scene. Beloved also for her personality, she gives us many iconic moments even when she is on TV and, despite the passing of time, continues to leave her audience breathless with her incredible energy.

“There is always the emotion that pushes you to continue and as long as there is you can work – he said in an interview with Republic – Sure, sometimes you want to do it but you don’t have the strength, so I try to get back on my feet, I go to the pool, I recreate myself and then I go on tour ”. Fortunately, the accident did not cause any damage to the talented Ornella who has already returned to work despite the postponement of the shows.

accident artist
Surgery artist (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

We wish you to recover completely as soon as possible to return to bewitch us with your voice that has now become a legend.