Fear for the famous singer: he fell ill during the concert, “A deep pain”

The beloved singer forced to interrupt his concert due to an illness: the former member of the historic band explained everything to the fans.

Not far from an intoxication that last summer had prevented him from completing another live performance in Puglia, one of the most famous singers of the entire Italian music scene was struck by another illness. Once again it happened during a live. After receiving the necessary help, he then posted a message for his fans on his social profiles explaining what happened to him.

Singer feels bad (Credits: Pixabay)

When he was hospitalized in Puglia, he publicly thanked Doctor Pepe and all his staff at the hospital of San Pio di Castellaneta, in the province of Taranto. The last episode instead took place in Piazza Maggiore in Bolognaduring the celebrations for the patron saint San Petronio.

Radio Bruno shared on Facebook the video showing the artist surrounded by medical staff who evidently advised him to cancel the concert: “I’ll meet you next time, when I’ll be a little more toned, but they tell me it’s time to leave it alone, ”he said on stage.

The following day, the singer then intervened with posts on social media to thank the people present for their understanding. He also revealed a background on the story.

He falls ill and cancels the concert: the singer tells everything

It’s the ex Pooh Dodi Battaglia the protagonist of the unpleasant episode. After greeting, thanking and reassuring the fans about his health conditions, he also wanted to clarify the true cause of his illness.

Apparently, stress wouldn’t have much to do with it: “The illness that hit me last night was only partly due to the work stress I’ve been used to for fifty years now. Playing and singing on stage does not cause such trouble ”.

What would have really damaged him emotionally and consequently physically, would be an article about him and the evening of last September 25 in honor of the late Stefano D’Orazio. Event in which, unfortunately, Dodi was unable to participate: “A deep pain”, which would not have allowed him to sleep for several nights.

“The profound unease was and is due to what I saw written in a newspaper after 25 September, after the evening dedicated to his brother Stefano. Words that hurt me ”, explained Battaglia.

Sick singer
Concert singer interrupted (Credits: Instagram)

Happy to know that Dodi Battaglia is better, we wish him to resume his unmissable concerts as soon as possible.