Federica Carta: “I’m part of a generation that knows how to express themselves”

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Like Marilyn is the new single from Federica Carta, the one that opens a new artistic phase of his. It’s a song that highlights all the difficulties of a generation, Gen Z, which has to deal with loneliness despite being constantly connected: “lost in the metropolis / looking for each other to feel good together and then / feeling alone like Marylin” . In Federica’s reading, feeling alone can be alienating and painful and can suck you into dangerous spirals, such as that of depression, as demonstrated by the story of the diva par excellence, Marilyn Monroe. Federica Carta starts from these observations to bring a broader reflection on how relationships with other people can affect us and give an alternative reading to moments of solitude.

Federica let’s start from the story of Like Marilyn: how was it born and why did you choose to release it now?

I wrote it in 2020 together with Alessandro La Cava and Katoo. Talk about how difficult it is to deal with loneliness especially in the moments when you don’t accept it. It’s out now because I’m better. I suffered from depression for two years and that’s also the time I was most still because I couldn’t express my thoughts and they didn’t become music. Today I live loneliness well.
The theme is, precisely, that of loneliness in the season of always connected, on the other hand you had already talked about it in World Vision “we send each other smileys yes but we don’t talk to each other”. It was 2017. Has the situation worsened?

I added “it didn’t happen except on Instagram”. We feel compelled to share everything. Live connections are not real, we live in an artificial situation that I hope will change.
Considering your popularity, I think you have also experienced the opposite phenomenon, i.e. an infinite number of friends, but almost all of them presumed: have you learned to select them?

Today I trust the people around me. I trust my friends but I tell you that even as a child I understood who was approaching them for advantages, only that I didn’t have the strength to push them away.
The keyword of the song is awareness: what is it for you and what is it today?

Looking in the mirror and recognizing yourself has been the most difficult challenge for me in recent years to understand who I am.
Mission accomplished?

It’s getting better but I’m still training, it’s a necessary process of growth.
In “I would have liked you” you said that “one cannot stop at prejudices” and instead the feeling is that there are more and more.

I grew up in a very open context with two parental figures who were kind to others, I have never heard judgmental sentences. We need less ignorance. I am as you see me and I do not blame. But I stigmatize unsolicited opinions, the ones that everyone feels they can entrust to social media.
You are part of a generation that has rediscovered the value of the aware square: do you believe that after the failures of the previous ones we can really think of a better future?

I firmly believe it and I am proud to be part of this generation that is not afraid to express itself, makes noise but in silence and makes me hope that the voice is the strongest medium for ever and ever. I hope we will be heard.
The declinations of love are a feature of your lyrics: is it difficult to tell feelings in the season of social networks?

I’ve always been selective. I tell what I see, I have idealized many people and therefore I have told my vision and not the reality. Today I have a good memory because I’m not living it and therefore I tell it with more clarity. I’m more positive.
What do you have left of the role of Sara in “Tell No One”? Have you had any other scripts reading?

Acting has always fascinated me. I’m not a phenomenon but it was a good experience because I like to get involved. My job is music and I will never be an actress but if there is another opportunity I will study, doing new things is always stimulating.
Have you announced that you have opened a profile on Onlyfans?

It is a way to attract attention to mental health issues; the proceeds will go to a mental health association. As a privileged person I had the opportunity to go to therapy.
You changed your look and hair color. Which wardrobe will you propose for your summer?

The whole project is inspired by Marilyn and also the style of the video is from the Fifties and Sixties. I like the color in my head and I love to experiment. If it were up to me, I’d wear overalls every day. Today I have mental order so the wardrobe is also in order.
Can we say that you have found the balance between “head in the clouds and the ground under your feet”?

Yes. I still work on it but I hope to stay that way.
What will happen in the coming weeks?

New things coming: in the meantime I’m enjoying the release of the album then I’ll announce them. And in the summer on some stage you will see me.