Federica Nargi natural: without makeup and filters she is even more beautiful, beyond belief

Have you ever seen Federica Nargi natural? The former tissue of Striscia the news without makeup and filters is even more beautiful, beyond belief.

After Giulia Salemi, who preferred to spend an evening in the total absence of make-up, Federica Nargi also wanted to appear natural. A few days ago, before an evening in the company of her husband and her two daughters, the former tissue of Striscia the news enchanted everyone with this IG Story without makeup and filters. Result? Definitely divine!

Federica Nargi natural. Credits: Instagram

Only a very short time ago, we told you about the costume worn by Federica Nargi on the beach while she was on vacation that has absolutely not gone unnoticed. After a few days from our article, we cannot help but talk to you again about her and, above all, about her beauty of her natural to her. Although the former tissue of Striscia la Notizia does not like to ‘dare’ with makeup and she is not used to wearing heavy make-up at all, she is used to showing herself to her audience with a little mascara, lipstick and eye shadow. Have you ever wondered, though, how she is completely natural? This latest shot will truly leave you speechless.

Before spending time with her family, Federica Nargi wanted to do what many do: put on makeup with her supporters. Before doing so, however, she showed her face completely devoid of makeup. Are you ready to see it too? It is phenomenal!

Federica Nargi natural: the shot without makeup and filters is a scream

There are many shots that have filled our social message boards, no doubt about it. There are those who wanted to show their swimsuits, launching a new trend – as Diletta Leotta did a few days ago – and those who instead wanted to appear natural. It is the example by Federica Nargi, who, on the occasion of an outing with her family, wanted to put on makeup in the company of her social media audience. A very simple trick, just like her, but that has really conquered everyone.

If the result with the ‘make-up and wig’ was a scream, the opposite cannot be said of the one obtained when she showed herself natural. By the way, have you ever seen her completely without makeup? Apparently, it would seem that Federica Nargi did not even use filters in this Instagram Story. From here it is clear, therefore, that we are going to show you a ‘version’ of the former strip tissue the news just like mom made it. Are you curious to see it too? We show it to you immediately, but be very careful because we are sure you will not notice any difference:

natural nargi
IG Federica. Credits: instagram

In short, there is absolutely nothing to say: whether Federica Nargi is wearing makeup or not, it’s always a blast! Do you also agree with these words of ours?