Federica Nargi shows herself like this on social media: now everyone will want it for this summer, crazy!

Federica Nargi showed the ‘must have’ of the summer on social media: now everyone will want it, have you seen it too? It really is crazy.

Are you about to leave, but do you intend not to go unnoticed on vacation? At this point, we just have to recommend the costume that Federica Nargi showed a few days ago on Instagram.

Federica Nargi social. Credits: Instagram

Also for this year, Federica Nargi – as well as many other VIPs – has chosen Formentera for her summer holidays. Together with Alessandro Matri, their two children and a truly incredible group, the former tissue from Striscia la Notizia continues to enjoy her well-deserved holidays before returning to life as usual. In her days they are full of love, laughter, fun, sea and beach. In short, a truly unforgettable holiday, which she herself never misses an opportunity to immortalize and share with her fans. Sui social, indeed, Federica Nargi she usually shares moments of everyday life, but also shots that clearly show her beauty.

Just a few days ago, while she was on the seashore, Federica Nargi let herself be immortalized in different poses. In addition to her tanned skin and her beauty, there is one detail that has absolutely not gone unnoticed. Let’s talk about the swimsuit worn, a real must have for this summer. Have you seen it too? We are sure that now everyone will want it in the closet or in their suitcase.

Federica Nargi shows the summer must-have on social media: unmissable!

If the costume worn by Francesca Tocca during her holidays has conquered everyone, even that of Federica Nargi shown on social not far behind. The former tissue of Striscia la Notizia, in fact, shared a series of shots that portray her smiling by the sea, capturing everyone’s attention. Her seaside look absolutely cannot go unnoticed – just like that of Marina Di Guardo, Chiara Ferragni’s mother – but the costume worn that conquers the web people. For the occasion, in fact, the beautiful Nargi showed off a monokini completely in black, which among other things with her body tan is a real perfect combo, which everyone agreed. There is a detail of the costume, however, that one cannot help but notice. Do you know which one? Let’s find out!

On the one hand there is the beauty of Federica Nargi and on the other hand there is the particularity of the costume worn that cannot possibly go unnoticed: the latest photos of the former strip tissue have conquered everyone! Have you also seen what we refer to? Take a look here:

social nargi
Federica Nargi costume. Credits: Instagram

Worn on super tanned skin, this costume is truly amazing, you can’t say the opposite at all. To make it even more unmissable, however, is that porthole on the abdominals! We are sure: this is the ‘must-have’ costume of the summer!