Federica Nargi shows herself together with her dad: do you notice the similarity?

Have you ever seen the dad’s Federica Nargi? The showgirl has posted a very nice shot with him.

Federica Nargi is a model, a showgirl and a TV presenter. Her debut in the entertainment world is to be connected to many years ago, when she was very young. She participated in the Miss Italy beauty contest, finishing in eleventh place. In 2008 she participates in the Veline program. In fact, first the format was created in which with a series of tests at the end the pair of Veline was chosen.

Federica Nargi, dad (credits: instagram)

This has not been the case for some years now, as the program is no longer there. Returning to Federica, the presenter participated in the transmission by winning the band of Velina mora and alongside her, as a blonde, Costanza Caracciolo was chosen. For 4 consecutive editions we have seen the news on the counter of Striscia and always together they have also participated in the Beijing Express.

The showgirl, after these first experiences, has become very popular, the same can be said of Costanza. In the last year Federica has participated in Tale and what show surprising the public who followed her path. In recent years we have seen her in various programs and she has also given herself to acting. In 2011 comes the cinema debut in the film Capitan Basilico 2- the fantastic 4 + 4 and in 2017 she starred on the small screen in the series The beauty of women … a few years later. All these experiences have made her more and more known and today she is much loved by the public who also follow her on social networks. On her instagram channel she publishes a lot of shots, there are many family photos of her. For example, she recently showed up with her dad: have you ever seen him?

Federica Nargi in a shot with her dad: do you notice any similarities?

Federica Nargi has a very popular instagram profile. Here she posts photos alone or in company. She often shares shots with her family. We saw her in a social post of her with her sister Claudia. The showgirl has published a series of shots to wish her well on her birthday.

Federica and Claudia look very much alike, they have the same complexion, as is the smile and the look, they are breathtakingly beautiful! There is no shortage of photos of her together with her partner Alessandro Matri, with whom she had two daughters, Sofia born in 2016 and Beatrice in 2019. The presenter in the last hours, in her instagram stories of her, showed some of the preparations for the house, it would seem. Her father is also helping her. She first shared a video of the man and later a photo with him.

Federica nargi dad
Federica, her father (credits: instagram)

Here is father and daughter together! Federica’s father is called Claudio and she is very young. In this shot we notice some similarities, such as the look and even the smile in the foreground. The showgirl is very attached to her family and she has a special relationship with them.