Federica Panicucci leaves everyone stunned: the story concerns Paolo Bonolis

Federica Panicucci leaves everyone speechless, the presenter’s story concerns Paolo Bonolis: let’s find out together what happened

35 years of television career make Federica Panicucci one of the most loved and followed conductors on the small screen. She today she at the age of 54 she can boast of a huge success achieved during her experiences in front of the camera.

Federica Panicucci on Paolo Bonolis: the presenter leaves everyone stunned (Credits: Instagram)

At the beginning of television, the beautiful presenter was only 19 years old. Although we remember her very young and novice, many perhaps do not know this background which concerns the very beginning of her career. You know how Federica Panicucci did she manage to become famous? The presenter, interviewed by The Corriere della Serarecounts an episode that took place many years ago concerning Paolo Bonolis. You will not be able to believe this background. Let’s find out together what it is.

Federica Panicucci on Paolo Bonolis, you will not believe what he said: the story displaces everyone

He was 19 when he got the chance to start working in front of the cameras. To date Federica Panicucci she has collected numerous successes that have made her one of the most popular conductors. Galeotto was the meeting with Paolo Bonolis. The presenter tells in an interview for The Corriere della Sera a background that concerns the well-known conductor.

federica panicucci paolo bonolis
Credits: Instagram

Federica Panicucci, at the time she was just over 17, lived in the same building where Paolo Bonolis and his family lived. She at the time she was a student who rounded up with some chore to put money on her part and so the caretaker of the condominium let her know that the well-known tenant and her partner were looking for a babysitter to look after their first child, Stephen. Like this Federica Panicucci began working for Paolo Bonolis as a babysitter: “It seems pretty incredible, but it really was: I babysat Paolo Bonolis’ first son, Stefano. He was 9 months old, when they called me I was looking after him. Paolo gave me 4,000 lire an hour“.

And it was precisely the meeting with the beloved presenter that allowed Federica Panicucci to make her debut in the world of entertainment, first as a model. “Lat the time he was the host of Bim Bum Bam. One evening, while I was with him, I asked to be able to turn on the TV to see the model contest The Look of the Year, a program that I would host in the future “. And in fact, it was Paolo Bonolis himself who provided Panicucci with the telephone contact of the fashion agency where it all began. Did you know this background?