Federica Pellegrini, all incredulous for the choice of the wedding dress: this is the reason

On her wedding day, which took place on Saturday 27 August, Federica Pellegrini surprised everyone with a twist: it concerns her dress.

Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta they have finally become husband and wife: the swimming champion got married with her coach last year Saturday 27 August, after keeping the story under wraps for a long time. The two said the long-awaited “yes” to Venicein the church of San Zaccaria attracting the attention of the press and many fans.

Federica Pellegrini wedding dress (Credits: Instagram)

A ceremony of as many as 160 guests, but one of them was missing Filippo Magnini, the bride’s ex-boyfriend from 2011 to 2017 (with more than one period of crisis) and the groom’s cousin. As anticipated months ago by Giunta in an interview with Hyenasthe story between him and the Divine has compromised their relations and it would have been very unlikely that Magnini would accept an eventual invitation to the reception.

After the wedding ceremony, the couple walked through the streets of Venice among the crowd of onlookers in celebration and then reached the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, fabulous property located on the Isle of Roses. During the day, Federica changed three dresses and all the guests could not help but notice a detail that surprised them not a little.

Federica Pellegrini enchanting in a wedding dress: the detail caused a sensation

Upon entering the church, the sportswoman appeared radiant and beautiful. At that moment she was wearing a wide ivory dress with a halter neck, a 4 meter long veil with embroidery and, above all, a huge flower in her hair.

While the party was taking place, however, he surprised everyone with a very elegant jumpsuit with a very deep V-neck and palazzo trousers; at the end of the evening she then defied all the ‘rules’ by showing off a black dress with which she danced a tango with her new husband. Needless to say, the result was simply splendid, but getting everyone to murmur was the signature of the first two dresses.

Everyone would have expected him to opt for his friend’s creations for the big day Giorgio Armani, who usually takes care of her looks. Instead, twist: the stylist chosen was Nicole Cavallo26-year-old daughter of designer Alessandra Rinauto, artistic director of the Nicole Milano maison.

The two suits worn by Giunta, on the other hand, are signed Carlo Pignatelli. The famous wedding planner organized the event Enzo Miccio, which in the past has dealt with many other ‘VIP’ weddings including that of Elettra Lamborghini. After the party, Divina and her Matteo then spent the first night at the Grand Hotel Danieli, right in her suite where he made her the marriage proposal last fall.

Federica Pellegrini dress
Federica Pellegrini wedding dress (Credits: Instagram)

Regardless of who designed the dress, it must be admitted that the bride could not have been more beautiful than this!