Federica Pellegrini and her brother Alessandro: do you notice the similarity?

Federica Pellegrini is not an only child but she has a younger brother, have you ever seen him before?

Dubbed the Divine, Federica Pellegrini is the greatest Italian swimmer in history and one of the longest ever in its field. After the Tokyo 2020 Olympics she decided to take a step forward in her life and came out with her boyfriend Matteo Giuntathe swim coach.

Federica Pellegrini, have you ever seen her brother? She has a special relationship with him (Credits: instagram)

In an old interview with Verissimo he told at the beginning of the announcement that he had kept his private life out to avoid an involvement that was not purely sporting. But in recent months, the swimmer’s life has completely turned upside down. When she arrived she asked her to marry him and after the yes soon they will get married. After going out, the couple finally enjoys love in the sunlight and even on social networks they often show themselves together.

Federica publishes many shots with her future husband and many also with her family. In some it is possible to see her with her brother. Because if not everyone knows, she is not an only child, but she has a younger brother. Let’s see how similar they are.

Federica Pellegrini, who is her brother Alessandro: have you ever seen him?

Soon he will get married with Matteo Giunta, his partner for several years but Federica has only come out in the open for a few months. The coach asked her in October 2021 to marry him and the swimmer said yes.

This is a very important step in his life after he took many years back only on a sporting level. But the beautiful Pellegrini is now ready to take one of her most important steps and, above all, to live freely in love with her partner. She often shows herself on her social networks with him but also with her parents and her brother. Because yes, Federica has a younger brother, have you ever seen him?

federica pellegrini, brother
Credits: instagram

His name is Alessandro, he is 30 years old and for some traits we notice that there is a certain similarity. Federica together with her brother often shows up on her instagram channel. They are very accomplices and joke a lot together, synonymous with the beautiful relationship that exists. Her is a very close family and the time spent together is never enough.