Federica Pellegrini and her great fear: what she just can’t do

Not everyone imagines that Federica Pellegrini has a great fear: do you know what the champion just can’t do? Beyond belief!

She absolutely needs no introduction, Federica Pellegrini! Champion and holder of many medals and records, the beloved swimmer is among the most loved sportsmen of the Italian public.

What is Federica Pellegrini’s fear? Photo Source: Instagram

Perhaps not everyone imagines it, but also Federica Pellegrini has a very large fear. To tell it, without even too much hair on the tongue, it was the direct interested in the course of an interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano dated 2014. It is precisely on this occasion that, in addition to talking about the Olympics, his career and much more yet, Federica Pellegrini could not help but reveal a completely new background. We all have fears, right? Well: even the legendary swimmer has one! And, we assure you, you would never imagine it! Are you ready to discover everything in the smallest detail? We will satisfy you immediately.

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You would never imagine what Federica Pellegrini’s greatest fear is: she just can’t do it

If you think you know all about it Federica Pellegrini, we assure you that you are very wrong. Even though she is very loved and very famous, we are sure that not everyone is aware of which is her biggest fear. Yes, you read that right: even Pellegrini is ‘afraid’ of something. You would never guess what, that’s true, but it does!

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To tell everything in detail, as we said previously, it was the direct interested in 2014 in Il Fatto Quotidiano. From what we learn, it would seem that Federica Pellegrini is afraid of the sea. Really amazing, right? On the other hand, that’s right! It would seem that what scares the swimmer the most is the lack of view of the bottom. “I’m used to seeing the seabed, if there is black I don’t dive”, he said. Are you wondering what caused all this? Apparently, a childhood ear infection! “I can not do it. Over there “, he said. Tell us the truth: would you have it but imagined?

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When is the wedding?

What is about to end, without any doubt, will be a truly unforgettable year for Federica Pellegrini. Not only because she took part in the Tokyo Olympics and, as usual, managed to achieve truly impressive results, but also because she found love and serenity next to Matteo Giunta and is even ready to marry him! A few months ago, in fact, Divina Pellegrini received the very romantic marriage proposal. When is the wedding, then? Well, at the moment, everything is still ‘top secret’. One thing is certain: we can’t wait!

Federica Pellegrini scared
Photo Source: Instagram

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