Federica Pellegrini returns to swim for Beijing Express 2023 – Video

In the eighth episode of the show, the Divine wore a costume again together with her husband Matteo Giunta

There is no Olympic swimming pool but the open sea of ​​Kep, there is no gold medal up for grabs but the possibility of resuming the race on the Beijing Express 2023 journey. Yet seeing Federica Pellegrini swimming is always a great emotion. In the eighth episode of the Sky show – broadcast every Thursday at 21.15 on Sky and streaming on Now, always available on demand – the Divine wore a bathing suit again and went swimming again, together with her husband Matteo Giunta: goal of this very special ‘bath’, recover a pot with blue crabs and crabs, the two most common species of crab in Cambodia. Seeing her swimming again struck the public, and evidently Matteo too…

In the eighth episode, between exciting letters from Italy and the exhausting efforts of the race, the approach to the new country, Cambodia, has in many cases hindered the travelers in the race. Led by Costantino della Gherardesca and Enzo Miccio, the five couples still in the game traveled 386 km from Phnom Penh to Oudong, from the new to the old capital, to win a place in the semifinal of the Sky Original show created by Banijay Italia.

The Newlyweds Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta were once again the first to sign the Red Book in Phuom Suo, to win the Advantage Trial and to jump on the Red Carpet at the finish line of the stage, reluctantly decreeing the elimination of the Activists Giorgia Soleri and Federica Fabrizi ‘Federippi’ in the ballot that saw them as protagonists together with the Sicilians Totò Schillaci and Barbara Lombardo: the three couples had bonded a lot throughout the journey, for the Pellegrini-Giunta couple the choice was not easy and caused great emotion between the travelers. Novelli Sposi and Siculi, together with the Italo-Americans Joe Bastianich and Andrea Belfiore and the Mediterraneans Carolina Stramare and Barbara Prezia, will therefore be the protagonists of the Beijing Express semi-final, expected next week, Thursday 4 May.