Federica Pellegrini: “Trivial honeymoon”, what did she choose to do

Federica Pellegrini shocks the fans with her “trivial honeymoon”, here’s what happened, and the champion confirms it.

Supported, admired and followed by the public, Federico Pellegrini she is a multi-faceted champion. Not only a swimmer, she has tried her hand at different roles, and now she is savoring that of a lifelong companion of Matteo Giunta. They are a very popular couple, this is not the first trip they have taken together, just remember that a Beijing Expressbut this has a different atmosphere. Where they went? They joke about it!

Federica Pellegrini news (Credits: @ kikkafede88)- Sologossip

Four months after the fateful yes, they face this journey happy and carefree. Federico Pellegrini is one of the most popular former swimmers, specialized in freestyle, begins a new adventure, perhaps the most complex and full of emotions: that of marriage. Matteo Giunta was his athletic trainer. Indeed, the love affair lasted 4 years in full secret. The reason? Cousin, Philip Magnini was the boyfriend of Federica for 6 years. And now? Here’s how they are today and how they lived this special moment.

Federica Pellegrini and the trivial honeymoon, truth

Among the cousins ​​the report is on standbylove took over. Federica and Matteo they put themselves when the relationship with Magnini it had ended. The champion happier than ever, and she never misses an opportunity to talk about this happiness through her most popular social channels. From the official Instagram profile reports like a “travel diary”, in which he adds photos, thoughts, songs and their smiles dedicated to this magical honeymoon. Since August 27 they are officially husband and wife.

They are a bonded and loving couple, and it shows since bond they show every day. It is precisely from the posts dedicated to the honeymoon that their character and playful relationship can be seen, because tell of a “trivial honeymoon”which is basically what makes them happy and without negative thoughts.

Federica Pellegrini and husband
Federica Pellegrini news (Credits: @ kikkafede88)- Sologossip

They announce the so-called “Trivial Honeymoon” in posts, where they don’t show the location, but suggest it with this detail. Indeed, since they were married in the church of San Zaccaria in Venice many are guessing that it could be his dear city, but in the end all doubts are removed. It defines it banal because it’s probably the one many married couples choose, but despite everything they’re so happy that in the end it doesn’t matter.

It is the same swimmer who then with one Instagram Stories published in the official profile of the new husband Matteo, shows the name of the place where they are located. Exactly, he does it wearing a very particular shirt and with written on it “Maldives!”