Federico Fashion Style comes out: “You are born gay, now I’m fine”

The hair stylist: “My tendency was strange to me which, precisely for this reason, I tried to hide at the beginning. Now I feel free”

“One is born into it in life, one does not become one. In all this time I have tried to understand better: I was born and raised in a ‘normal’ family and I have always lived with the idea of ​​a mother and a father: my tendency was strange to me and, precisely for this reason, I tried to hide at the beginning“. Federico Lauri, aka Federico Fashion Style, ‘comes out’ during ‘Verissimo’, revealing some details of his decision following the separation from Letizia Porcu, with whom the hair stylist had a daughter, Sophie Maelle.

“Now I’m happy and calm, I feel free to be myself – Federico said – and to love whoever I want. Also because, he underlined, “homosexuals are born”. The 6-year-old daughter, reveals the coiffeur of the TV stars, it’s her priority. “I’m on this show especially for my daughter, who is the most important person in my life and because I want to protect her. My daughter is my victory.”

With the ex Letizia “there was a brotherly love” says Lauri, who reveals that he had confessed to his ex-wife his homosexuality for some years already. “I had a relationship with a man and I told him openly – she admits – I told her ‘I understood that I loved people of my same sex, that I was homosexual because I had experiences and I understood that it made me feel good ‘”. She, says Lauri, “in my opinion she already knew, she told me that she would always be close to me, also for this reason our relationship continued for three years”.