Federico Fashion Style, “It wasn’t easy”: a surprise confession

The unexpected confession of Federico Fashion Style, one of the most loved competitors of this edition of Dancing with the stars.

We are seeing him compete every Saturday in dancing with the Stars alongside the teacher Anastasia Kusmina: Federico Fashion Style is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters to join this year’s cast.

Federico Fashion Style, “It wasn’t easy”: the confession leaves you speechless (Instagram)

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Her over-the-top look is definitely her hallmark: she may like it or not, but certainly no one can help but talk about it. The VIP hairdresser, Federico Lauri in art Federico Fashion Style, is proving, week after week, a character to be discovered, with a considerable interior baggage.

He demonstrated this during the very last installment of the show when he performed a choreography that expressed the profound meaning his daughter has for him. In fact, remember that Federico is the father of Sophie Maelle, a beautiful little girl born from the marriage with his wife Letizia, with whom he has been married since 2013.

Already much loved, Dancing with the stars is proving to be a golden opportunity for the well-known hair-stylist who is gathering more and more acclaim even from those who previously appeared a bit wary of his eccentricity.

A lot of passion and determination for his work have been the key to success for Federico, but his past has not always been simple. He talked about it in an interview with FqMagazine.

Federico Fashion Style, “I’ve always been made fun of”: the revelation with an open heart

In conclusion, behind Lauri’s sequins and sequins there is much more: starting from the very strong bond with his wife and daughter, who arrived after a course of assisted fertilization, as told by himself on several occasions.

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His style is very divisive, but after getting to know him better at Ballando, many will surely have eliminated many of the prejudices they had about him. TO FqMagazine, in fact, he said that his way of dressing has always aroused criticism and mockery: “It was not easy. I’ve always been made fun of and, I admit, I don’t even remember what they said to me anymore because it had become ‘normality’ “.

Today, however, he has learned not to give weight to those digs: “If there are people who want to look at me or observe me, do so. I really don’t give a damn. Just as I don’t like light blue shirts, others won’t like my outfits. I admit that as a child, however, it was difficult… “.

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Federico Fashion Style confession
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