Federico Fashion Style, that day his life changed: how he started working as a hairdresser

Do you know how Federico Fashion Style started working as a hairdresser? That day his life totally changed

He is one of the most famous hair stylists in Italy. His fame extends throughout the country and by now he has also become a television personality. Do you know how his career started? We are sure that no one knows this background on Federico Lauri’s life.

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Federico Fashion Style, how did you start working as a hairdresser? (Source: Instagram)

Federico Fashion Style, how he started working as a hairdresser

Federico Lauri, better known as Federico Fashion Style, is one of the hair stylist most famous in Italy. He was born in Rome on 5 October 1989 and gained notoriety thanks to the television programs that saw him as a protagonist. It became famous thanks to the “Hall of Wonders“, A program directed by Aldo Iuliano in which Federico talks about his days dealing with very demanding customers in his salons.

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He has opened two salons in Rome, one in Milan and recently also in Naples. Its beauty salons are frequented by many VIPs, such as Valeria Marini, Giada Pezzaioli or Tina Cipollari. He was recently chosen to participate in the new edition of “Dancing with the Stars“, Talent show hosted by Milly Carlucci on Rai 1. Federico dances with Anastasia Kuzmina.

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Federico Fashion Style before success
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Do you know how he started working as a hairdresser? Federico has cultivated his passion since he was a child. At the age of five, in fact, he enjoyed fixing his mother’s hair, using toothpicks as hairpins. It was his mother who introduced him to this profession.

As told by “Today is another day” by Serena Bortone, it was Federico’s mother who introduced him to her hairdresser. “My mom introduced me to her hairdresser telling him I was good and from that moment on I started working right away. My dad thought it was a job more linked to the female world and he dreamed of me being a truck driver like him “.

On his parents, Federico then added: “My parents taught me to be a person with important family values. They taught me and my brother respect for the family unit “.