Federico Mecozzi presents Winter Wail: the video preview

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Winter wail is the latest song and video of the violinist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Federico Mecozzifor 13 years alongside Ludovico Einaudiwhich comes out on January 27, 2023 and is excerpted from Inwards (Warner Music Italy)album released last autumn and followed by a tour in the theaters of Salsomaggiore, Milan, Rimini and Bologna: “Winter wailexplains the authorit is a moment of melancholy, the unexpressed need for a cry that releases the poetry that sadness brings with it. It is, as the title says, a sweet winter lament”.

In the piece, relaxed and evocative, this “scream” intoned by the principal violin rests on an intense interweaving of other violins, in a slow growth that depicts the imposition of melancholy, but also that enchantment of winter and snow. The song is produced by Christian Bonato while the video clips is written and shot by the director and photographer Ivan Tiraferri with the female figure played by the cellist Veronica Conti. Shot between the Pianacquadio beech forest on Monte Carpegna (in the province of Pesaro and Urbino) and the Screaming waterfall of Premilcuore (Forlì-Cesena), the video returns, through the images, the intensity of the piece. In a completely snowy scenario, the surreal white of the landscape is sometimes broken by the element of the red origami which appear as mysterious traces of a path to follow to save themselves from affliction or not to forget those who have not been able to save themselves from an absurd destiny: “A cue to reflect in the World Remembrance Daya day which, while risking the difficulty of approaching the theme and the limits of rituality, remains an ethical duty keep celebrating” Federico says.