Federvolley renews its logo, the 5 stars of the World Cup won arrive

“A renewed logo, same passion”. This is the claim that accompanies the revisitation of the historic brand of the Italian Volleyball Federation. Federvolley announces it on its website. “A logo that embraces new elements, but does not forget its identity and its glorious history. The predominant colour, in fact, remains blue as does the design of the hands lifting the ball, a distinctive element of the four federal disciplines: Volleyball, Beach Volley, Sitting Volley and Snow Volley. The renewal, however, consists of the introduction of the five stars, representing the world triumphs obtained by the Italian national teams: 1990 Rio de Janeiro, 1994 Athens, 1998 Tokyo, 2002 Berlin and the most recent one 2022 Katowice. Five milestones for our sport which from today will be included in the Fipav logo”.

“Another novelty is the inclusion of the colors of the Italian flag, always represented with pride and attachment by the senior teams, the youth teams, as well as the beach volleyball couples and the national sitting volleyball teams, all summarized in “the blue that embraces the tricolour”. The third novelty is a more identifying stylization of the element that distinguishes and at the same time unites the four Fipav disciplines, i.e. the game ball. The guidelines that pushed the federation to this restyling were the desire for renewal, without losing the values ​​of tradition. After the approval of the federal council, which met today, the new logo will be officially in use starting from 1 January 2024″.