Fedez against all with ‘Inhuman’

In the new album Renzi, Meloni, Lega, J-Ax and Bocelli in the sights

In recent days Fedez he joked with his wife about the complaints that the new album would cause him and perhaps for this reason, superstitiously, the invective piece of ‘Inhuman’, released tonight at one o’clock and presented in a live Instagram housewife by the Ferragnez, is titled ‘A Day in the Magistrate’s Court’ and has something for everyone, from Matteo Renzi to Giorgia Meloni, to the Lega.

Not by chance the passage begins with an intro read by Giuseppe Cruciani: “All the characters and events in this song are entirely fictional. The following song contains bad language. And because of its content it shouldn’t be heard by anyone.” Then the Renzian quote “first reaction: shock”, then Fedez’s thrust on the leader of Italia Viva: “My wife and I are all exhausted, all wishes fulfilled. Like Renzi when he took eighty thousand Saudi petrodollars (Ouch!)”. And again: “An ex-premier who pays compliments under dictation, to a fucking dictatorship. Who captures and cuts off the heads of gays because they are against nature (Renaissance).”

In the text, in which Fedez remembers both Giulio Regeni and Federico Aldovrandi e dedicates an ironic passage to Andrea Bocelli and his performances on the sidelines of UN and Unesco assemblies (“Bocelli is like bringing sparkling wine if they invite you to dinner (Good evening, good evening) / The only difference between sparkling wine and Andrea / It’s that Andrea goes to an assembly, which is a staging / Where you shout : ‘Bill Gates is an alien, who shoots 5G in the mood’ “.

Then the passage on the Meloni: “How much the c-Amazon broke me / You enrich it I’m Amazon / I get enriched by Amazon / La Meloni shouting:” In the scandal, boycott the Amazon mafia, and buy my book ‘Io sono Giorgia’ . ‘Oh my God but he’s first on Amazon!’ “, Reads the song. Finally, the League and the ‘legitimate defense’:” And to think that euthanasia in Italy seemed utopian. When to die you just need to punch a Northern League councilor in the face “.

Do not miss, in the song ‘La cassa pushes 2021’, the reference to Codacons and the endless disputes with the rapper: “I’m really euphoric, the Codacons have not yet sued me”, sings the rapper in the song made with Crookers, Myss Keta, Dargen D’Amico. Then there is the announced and loving song ‘Vittoria’, dedicated to her daughter. But the track list reserves many other surprises, almost all in the name of critical observation of an Italian company where the highest price is paid by the youngest. So in ‘Faith and Hope’, sung by Fedez with the rapper Speranza, Federico seems to exhort the boys (“If you don’t fight for what you care about, you don’t get it / You don’t leave indelible footprints, walking on tiptoe”, Fedez warns, in a piece that has several autobiographical references, and then notes, “for this reason the school system failed, because it is Jurassic). In ‘Stupido Stupido’ (” It is not a country for saints, for madmen, for Craxi ” ) takes it out on the system: “You shouldn’t, drugs in sweatshirts / But not even slaps someone who is already in handcuffs, no / You shouldn’t leave him in a call center / In debt forever / Can’t you see he’s alone a twenty year old? “. E makes a joke about former partner J-Ax: “We really believe they were friends / like in J-Ax’s time.”

Then in ‘Vecchio’ with Dargen D’Amico, Fedez also mentions the controversy following his participation in the May Day Concert (“May 1st I went on stage / my lawyer is Cristiano Ronaldo”) even if the piece talks about growth and responsibility.

There is no lack of feelings in songs like ‘Look what you make me do’, ‘Notte Brava’, ‘The mothers of others’ with Tananai, ‘Out of trouble’ with Cara. To complete the tracklist are the singles that anticipated this album: ‘Morire Morire’, ‘Bella Storia’, ‘Sapore’ with Tedua, ‘Bimbi per strada’ (Children), ‘Meglio del cinema’, ‘Mille’ with Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti, ‘Problems with everyone (Giuda)’ and ‘Call me by name’ with Francesca Michielin. Today and tomorrow, on the occasion of the release on platforms and in record stores, Fedez will meet fans in Milan and Rome for the ‘firmacopie’ ritual. The appointments are: today at 5.30 pm in Milan at Feltrinelli Red City Life in the Citylife Shopping District, Piazza Tre Torri; and tomorrow, November 27, at 2.00 pm in Rome at the Discotheque.