Fedez against Morgan on X Factor: “He’s a bootlicker”

The rapper against the former judge: “I never needed to lick the feet of Giorgia Meloni or Vittorio Sgarbi”

“I have never needed to lick the feet of Giorgia Meloni or Vittorio Sgarbi”. Fedez head down against Morgan live on TV in the episode of X Factor 2023. The rapper responds to Morgan’s statements about his previous collaboration with Zo Vivaldi of Stunt Pilots, one of the groups competing on the show.

“If Morgan thinks that I have done cronyism in this program he must say it, not insinuate it”, says Fedez at the end of the Stunt Pilots’ performance during the first heat of the X Factor semi-final. To then make matters worse: “If you want to be rebellious, you say things when you’re in the program, not when they’ve kicked you in the ass. I’m a transparent person, I have a small company, I work with my mother and with ‘lawyer and I have never needed to lick the feet of Giorgia Meloni or Vittorio Sgarbi”, concludes Fedez.

The rapper’s words are the latest episode, in chronological order, in the affair triggered by Morgan’s firing from the talent. A few weeks ago, the singer was the protagonist of an eventful episode to say the least: attacks on his fellow judges – Fedez (defined as “too depressed” to give advice like a psychologist), Dargen D’Amico and Ambra – and on the presenter Francesca Michielin , between over the top words and biting jokes to say the least.

Sky Italia and Fremantle Italia have therefore decided “by mutual agreement, to interrupt the collaborative relationship with Morgan and his presence on ‘X Factor’ as a judge. Fedez, Ambra and Dargen D’Amico remain the 3 judges of the program. An evaluation – we read in the note released in recent days by Sky and Fremantle – made following repeated incompatible and inappropriate behaviour, also towards the production and during the performances of the competitors, and the numerous declarations which have also taken place in recent days”.

After the dismissal of Sky’s talent, Morgan pointed the finger at Fedez. “I am not a person capable of feeling resentful, and in this world of low blows and hatred I cannot conceive of it. I said something self-deprecating to Fedez and then immediately asked him to apologize via message, he was very violent towards me, he said terrible things in front of the cameras after the episode” Morgan said, recounting the background that led to his exclusion from ‘X Factor’.

Furthermore, Morgan had defined the former fellow judges as a “clique” linked by common interests. “Am I in the ‘clique’ supported by Warner? I’ve been at Sony since I was a teenager”, Francesca Michielin’s response.

Thesis already refuted by Fedezwho also told ‘Striscia’: “Sky was forced to kick him out for some very serious behavior he had towards other people outside of the live broadcast, but filmed by the cameras”.