Fedez and Chiara Ferragni at San Siro with their children for the Milan-Juve match

It’s not the first time, that Fedez he goes to the stadium to watch his Milan. This time, however, there was at his side family in full force: his wife Chiara Ferragni, and little Leone and Vittoria.

The Ferragnez at the stadium

Fedez, who is slowly returning to normality after hospitalization due to severe bleeding, was present at the Rossoneri’s last match against Juventus, which took place at San Siro on the evening of Sunday 22 October. During the match, the rapper and his wife shared several stories on their Instagram profiles. The pictures show the children, Leo and Victoria, very happy, excited and branded Milan. But not only that: Fedez also entertained his followers with one joke on the (unfunny) football betting issue raised by Fabrizio Corona. While observing her children, sitting on Chiara’s lap in the stands of San Siro, he shared an ironic consideration on the matter: “Here are Vitto and Leo enjoying themselves with illegal and clandestine betting during football matches.” The joke came about because the children were looking at something on their mother’s cell phone.

Boem, the drink of Fedez and Lazza, partners of AC Milan

It was an evening full of fun for Fedez and his family (Milan’s defeat aside). But it was also the perfect opportunity to promote Boemthe alcoholic drink launched by Fedez and Lazza last summer which, for a few weeks now, has been advertised inside stadiums with an ad hoc screening as it partner of AC Milan as Official Hard Seltzer. The drink, which has just entered the catalogue long Sis now at the center of a super promotion: by purchasing a can (in the 25 cl format on sale exclusively by Esselunga), by connecting to the site and registering, it is possible to find out in real time whether you have won a pair of tickets to watch in the East Grandstand of the San Siro stadium in Milan to a Championship or Champions League match of the Rossoneri team. Furthermore, by registering five cans you can participate in the prize draw super prize worth 100 thousand euros. The lucky winner will receive a “wish list”, with credit that can be spent on furnishing and renovating their home, paying a whole year of bills, purchasing one or more means of transport, purchasing household appliances, traveling around the world, shopping or supporting a charity.