Fedez and the criticisms of Marracash, the answer on Instagram

Marracash: “He has no credibility to talk about certain things”

Marracash criticizes Fedez. And Fedez replies. Long distance question and answer between the two rappers. Marracash, in an interview, states that Fedez “represents those who are committed today to one thing and tomorrow to another. without having credibility, without knowing the problem“. The artist’s words do not go unnoticed, especially when Marracash states” I can speak of jail, because I know who went there. Elodie (his partner, ed) can talk about gays because people from her family are “.

“I’m sorry to read such a sentence from a person like Marracash, whom I consider intelligent and sensitive,” says Fedez on Instagram. “You do not know the stories of the family members, but that is not the point that weird me in your statement. Elodie and I have often spent ourselves in the same battles and I have always appreciated what she did. There are thousands of activists in Italy who carry out battles for civil rights every day without personally falling into one of the categories for which they fight “, he continues.” I believe this is how conquests are obtained, when the problem of a minority becomes a problem to be solved for all. “If I find the phrase ‘I’m talking about jail, because I know who was there’ amusing, which is a bit like saying ‘I’ll fix the electrical system for you because my uncle is an electrician’, I find it very dangerous to say ‘Elodie can talk gay because the members of his family are ‘. Because it would be like saying – he concludes -‘ for racial discrimination only black people and their relatives can be beaten ‘”.