Fedez and the laughter on Emanuela Orlandi, the brother ‘acquits’ the rapper – Video

Pietro Orlandi: “Who didn’t laugh out loud at a funeral as a kid?”

“Fedez’s laugh while saying that they had never found Emanuela, that they were still looking for her, was certainly out of place and I was a little sorry. He was wrong, but he talked about my sister for an hour and this is the thing that interests me the most”. Pietro Orlandi thus comments on the rapper’s laughter to Adnkronos during the episode of the radio broadcast Wild Musk in which he spoke of the ‘Vatican girl’ series dedicated precisely to the disappearance of the 15-year-old almost 40 years ago.

“Fedez sinned by immaturity in making that laugh – adds Pietro Orlandi – Each of us, as kids, must have laughed during a funeral, I try to take it like this. In recent years I have heard many bad things, things said in bad faith and far worse than a laugh in that circumstance”. (by Silvia Mancinelli)