Fedez and the post on Gaza, Selvaggia Lucarelli ‘does not forgive’

The rapper: “Let’s remain human for children and civilians.” The journalist: “Worse than the slothful…”

Fedez writes a post for the children and civilians of Gaza, Selvaggia Lucarelli intervenes head-on against the rapper. The singer, from his Instagram profile, expresses himself on the conflict between Israel and Hamas after the news of the last few hours: the raids have increased, the bombings give no respite to the Gaza Strip where tanks and soldiers have entered for the ground operation.

“Here it is no longer even a question of declaring which side you are on. Because there is only one side where you can be on: and it is on the side of the children and civilians, all innocent, who have lost or are losing their lives in Gaza Because if they don’t die under the bombs, they die from lack of water, food, electricity. Please, let’s remain human, as Vittorio Arrigoni said”, writes Fedez.

Soon, Selvaggia Lucarelli – who for days has been highlighting the dramatic condition of civilians in Gaza, distinguishing the population from Hamas – turns the spotlight on the rapper’s post. “I had bet that she would write it within 15 minutes, she was just a little late”, she writes, publishing the screenshot of Fedez’s message. “There is only one category worse than the slothful: those who pretend not to be when it could start to go badly,” she adds.