Fedez breaks social silence: “TV investigation to find out if I’m gay…”

The rapper against Mario Giordano and Out of the chorus: “A journalist asks my friends if I’m homosexual…”

“A reporter contacted all my childhood friends to ask if I’m gay. I’m not gay, I’d have no problem saying so if I were.” Fedez, after a week of social silence, returns to Instagram with a series of stories in which he lashes out against Mario Giordano’s broadcast, Fuori dal coro. The rapper returns to publish content a week after the kiss with Rosa Chemical on the Ariston stage on the final evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023. The episode, which took place while Chiara Ferragni was engaged in conducting alongside Amadeus, fueled controversy and risks end up in court for a complaint.

“I facilitated the work of a journalist from Fuori dal Coro who contacted all my childhood friends asking if I was homosexual or if I had anything to hide. Dear journalist, I’m not homosexual. If I were, I would say it,” says Fedez, returned online after a week of uncharacteristic silence while his wife continued to post videos and photos with their children but not with her husband. “I find that investigative journalism is difficult to reconcile with fucking investigations like this. Dear Mario Giordano, dear friends of Fuori dal Coro, you are the sewer of journalism. Because Fuori dal Coro has the priority of carrying out an investigation on me for to see if I’m homosexual? Maybe because I showed you photos of your fascist friends dressed as Nazis?”

“I can’t do and give anyone moral and coherence lessons, but I always put my face into it. I don’t tag the profile of the journalist, I don’t do it otherwise she would cry from today until the service ends… I can’t wait to see this great investigation on Fedez”.

THE REPLY – Mario Giordano replies with words entrusted to the Twitter profile of the broadcast. “Dear Fedez, you were wrong. Out of the chorus he did not send any journalist to ask questions about your sexual orientation”, the words of the journalist. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this week, as usual, we’ll be broadcasting investigations into health, safety, squats, and no reports about you. So I would ask you to direct your insolent remarks elsewhere”: