Fedez hospitalized, the worst seems to be over: how he is today

Optimism about resignation in time to be defined, return to X Factor if improvement continues

Even today it filters through optimism about Fedez’s conditionswho arrived a week ago at the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan where he remains hospitalized after two ulcers had caused internal bleeding, with a new bleeding stopped last Sunday endoscopically without the need for further transfusions.

Resignation based on next checks

And in light of two days of optimism – supported by the positive outcome of the tests to which the rapper is constantly subjected by the emergency and oncology surgery team directed by Marco Antonio Zappa – from what Adnkronos Salute learns, it finally seems that for Fedez the worst is over and the resignation can be taken into consideration, albeit in times yet to be defined, based on the results of the next checks.

As for the artist’s long-awaited return to ‘X Factor’, for the live phase which will begin in 3 weeks on Thursday 26 October, it is impossible to make any predictions. However, the fact remains that, if Fedez’s health conditions continue to improve as it seems in these hours, there may be no preclusions on her presence at the judges’ table.