Fedez is about to resign from hospital

After a week and a day of hospitalization, Fedez will be discharged in the afternoon from the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan where he had been taken on September 28th for a hemorrhage caused by two intestinal ulcers. The blood values ​​of the singer, who underwent surgery at San Raffaele in March last year for pancreatic cancer, have improved and therefore, we learn from health sources, he can leave the hospital. While waiting for his resignation, Fedez is with his father, Franco Lucia, who joined him in the emergency surgery department.


Fedez is hospitalized due to two ulcers. The artist himself made it known with a message to fans published last Friday in his Instagram Stories at the end of a day in which rumors and concerns had chased each other. “In the meantime, thank you for all the messages you are sending me because support is always good in these moments – Fedez wrote – Unfortunately I am currently hospitalized due to two ulcers which have caused internal bleeding”. So the reassurance to everyone: “Thanks to two blood transfusions I am now much better. I thank the medical staff who literally saved my life”. According to what has been learned in these hours, the singer’s condition is improving and he should be discharged in the afternoon.