Fedez on mental health: “As important as physical health”

It’s an open-hearted Fedez who was Mara Venier’s guest on Domenica In on Sunday 3 December. In conversation with the presenter, the singer and judge of mental health, an issue in which he is strongly committed.

“Physical and mind go hand in hand”

“We tend to think that we need to keep our bodies healthy – said Fedez – but body and mind go hand in hand. Indeed, sometimes the mind is even more important. There is little talk about mental health. Now in Italy doing this is a privilege. Just as the health of the body must be covered by the NHS, the health of the mind must also be placed on the same level, because it cannot be a privilege for the few. It must be a right for everyone.”


Fedez then recounted his personal experience: “I had to deal with the fear of dying. Addressing such a topic in such an early way is not healthy. It’s traumatic to the mind. Even after curing the disease, I still had some repercussions. I wanted to have an indigestion of life, I always went out, I did as many things as possible. All together with a pharmacological treatment. I found myself taking seven different types of psychotropic drugs at the same time. I didn’t sleep, I was very agitated, I wasn’t lucid. I did weird things, putting my family’s stability at risk. It was a very difficult journey to get out of it.”


The story continued until the 2023 Sanremo Festival: “After Sanremo I was at the height of my lack of clarity – said Fedez -. After a few weeks my mouth stopped working. I had nervous tics and couldn’t speak fluently. I had to stop antidepressants and drugs suddenly, without scaling down. I spent two weeks without being able to walk, I couldn’t distinguish dreams from reality. The most difficult path was afterwards. I fell into a very deep depression.” How do you get out of it? “By being followed by specialists,” said Fedez.