Fedez operated on for pancreatic cancer: “I can’t wait to go back to my children”

Fedez broke the silence: the singer was operated on for a rare pancreatic tumor, his words after the surgery.

For days now we have not talked about anything else: Fedez and the shock announcement about the disease! A few days ago, through a series of Instagram Stories, the famous and beloved rapper had announced to his supporters that he had discovered that he had a health problem and that he was forced to undergo treatment.

Fedez operated on for a rare pacreatic tumor: his words. Credits: Instagram

Until now, both Fedez and Chiara Ferragni had kept a certain reserve about what the rapper had discovered they had and what they would have to face together. Now, 24 hours after the surgery he underwent, the beloved rapper has broken the silence on his official social channel. Directly from the hospital room, the good Federico Lucia showed himself to his supporters. And he explained what happened to him. “Last week I discovered that I have a rare neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas”, began to say the rapper. Let’s find out all the details together.

Fedez operated on for pancreatic cancer: his words after the surgery

Everyone was anxiously awaiting news from him and, finally, they arrived: after the surgery he underwent in recent days, Fedez broke the silence on social media. And in addition to reassuring his fans that he is fine and ready to go home, the beloved rapper has also extensively explained what happened to him. About a week ago, good Lucia discovered that she had a rare pancreatic tumor. “One of those who if you don’t get them in time is not a nice cohabitant to have inside your body”, he said. Therefore explaining that he is undergoing this surgery to remove not only the tumor, but also a part of the pancreas.

After 6 hours of surgery and a long day, Fedez admitted that he was fine. The path to recovery, as he himself points out, will be long, but he does not give up at all.

Fedez operated on tumor
Credits: Instagram

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