Fedez organizes a great event to donate blood in Piazza Duomo in Milan

Without donors he would not have returned home to hug his children and he would not be here today to promote a gesture, that of blood donation, to which he owes his very life.
Fedez he has not forgotten the promises made last month, when he was discharged from the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan where he had been hospitalized for a serious haemorrhage, and is ready to take the field for an initiative involving his city which will host a big event dedicated to donations. The “Donate blood, donate life” event will take place Saturday 18 November in Piazza Duomo and will involve blood donors but not only. Here are all the details.

How to participate in the November 18th event

The physical recovery of Fedez, who is regaining his strength after hospitalization in which he received several blood donations, also involves his commitment to others, a field in which the rapper always manages to obtain excellent results.
After the fear and apprehension of the last few weeks, the singer, husband of Chiara Ferragni, has decided on the front line and, in collaboration with AVIScreated the awareness event on blood and plasma donation called “Donate blood, donate life”.
The appointment for everyone is on November 18th in Milan, in Piazza Duomo, at what has been planned as a “donor village”. In the square, donors will be welcomed by various blood vehicles belonging to the associations involved in the event.
The day dedicated to donations and donors was born from the collaboration of AVIS, the Italian Blood Volunteers Association, with the Fedez Foundation, the non-profit founded by the rapper dedicated to numerous social and charitable initiatives. Among the partners of the event also the Italian Red Cross, National FIDAS, the Italian Federation of Blood Donor Associations, and FRATRES, an association of Christian-inspired volunteers engaged in the field of blood donation which, together with AVIS, constitute CIVISThe Inter-association coordination of Italian blood volunteers.
Donations will be possible from 8.30am to 4.30pmupon reservation for those who are already registered with AVIS in Milan but even those who are not donors can participate by supporting the necessary medical visits to go to Piazza Duomo on the scheduled day.

The “Fedez effect” on donations

Fedez will be present in the square at the stands of the initiative where volunteers will be available to give to visitors all information on blood collection and donation activities in our country. The difficulties faced by Fedez and his family have made the singer a prominent spokesperson for various health-related issues.
At the moment, in addition to promoting blood donations, Fedez is also spending enormous efforts to raise awareness on the issue of mental health to ask the institutions and the Ministry of Health, among other things, for more funds for the psychologist bonus Still to be defined.
She is also committed to the issue of blood donations Chiara Ferragni who, at the beginning of November, communicated to her vast social media audience that she had become a blood donor and had carried out her first donation to the Milan Polyclinic. In the same period, following numerous appeals from the popular couple, the donations were increased across the countrya positive result that has already been defined as “Fedez effect”.