Fedez, Rai: “It will have space”. And it announces Giletti’s return

The news announced by the CEO Roberto Sergio: “No closure for Pino Insegno’s ‘Mercante in Fiera’

Fedez will have space in Rai, where the return of Massimo Giletti is expected next year. These are some of the innovations announced by Roberto Sergio, the CEO of Viale Mazzini, during the ‘Ceo for Life’ event.

The Fedez case

“Fedez is not a purge, he is a person who will have space in Rai also in the future”, he stated, reiterating that “his is a particular case, in the sense that the news of Fedez not participating in ‘Belve’ is made official not when the thing happens, i.e. ten days before his hospitalization, but casually during his hospitalization. Unfortunately , when it comes to Rai, there is always the desire or tendency to want to exploit the choices that are made with particular devices”.

However, Roberto Sergio adds: “At the moment in which some relationships have not been defined and Fedez comes from a May Day in which there were protests and complaints still ongoing and from the events of the Sanremo Festival where sincerely, at least in some aspects, the his presence did not shine, the case must first be resolved and then, when it is, he will return to being one of the many who will participate in Rai programs. There is no desire to end things with him and I’m sorry that it was linked to his health problems and I hope to be able to listen to him and meet him.”

Massimo Giletti will also arrive

When Roberto Sergio explains to Massimo Giletti that “Rai, Mediaset and La7 are ‘exchanging’ a few people: Caterina Balivo has arrived here, Nunzia De Girolamo is here and Massimo Giletti will arrive next year, who today made a funny video saying ‘I’m starting from scratch’, a joke that means it’s coming. Next year we will have Giletti.”

“There is a continuous exchange”, underlines the Rai CEO, stating that “those who left did so by choice, some by professional choice, some by economic choice: but then you cannot say that the company sends you away or it would have influenced you if you had stayed… No self-censorship on the part of Rai”, he assures.

As for the Foa case, explains Roberto Sergio, “he made a mistake for which he apologised, in an episode where there were also a series of errors in the internal control chain of the radio management: Foa apologized and it was not purged’, as some like to say…”.

Mercante in Fiera does not close

Roberto Sergio finally said that “outraged by the daily and preventative media violence against Pino Insegno” for the low TV ratings recorded by ‘Mercante in Fiera’ on Rai2. Program which, he assured, “is not closed”despite what he defines as “false news or perhaps directed in some way from within the company, amplified every two minutes by various blogs. This is an unacceptable game”.

“I have known Pino Insegno for forty years, I had him as a testimonial for Lottomatica in previous experiences thirty years ago. In both cases, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was 6 years old and 16 years old. This means that Pino Insegno has a professional history spanning forty years and I have known him for forty years, he is a serious professional, he was placed in a very complex program and he wanted to accept the challenge. In terms of audience, today we are not very far from previous experiences in that band and in that network. And we are not TeleMeloni!”, Roberto Sergio is keen to reiterate.