Fedez returns to SIAE, the musician’s announcement on Instagram

Fedez returns to SIAE. The artist and judge of together – said Fedez -. This decision arises first of all from the fact that my ideological battle was never against SIAE first and foremost but was against the monopoly that once existed and no longer exists today. Over the years I have also learned to recognize the merits of SIAE in changing and making technological changes in favor of authors and publishers. And from here a new format is born called SIAE recounts where I will interview authors, publishers and also SIAE personalities. It will be very interesting to compare ourselves.”

The tensions of the past

Fedez does not deny or cancel the recent tense past with the company that manages the copyrights of musicians in Italy: “For years I was in opposition to SIAE, I was the first artist in Italy to leave SIAE and to break what was coming called a “monopoly”. I was firmly convinced of that choice then, and it is a choice that I would make again because I believe that opening up to the free market could bring about renewal for everyone. To date, SIAE is a company that protects and collects with the tools we have available in 2023.”


“Fedez returns to SIAE: his choice shows us that the path we have undertaken in recent years is going in the right direction. The 2023 SIAE is a collecting society that works by listening completely to its authors and publishers. While we work for offer increasingly efficient digital services, we are already looking to the future, stimulated by the challenges of a cultural and creative industry in full evolution”, declares the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers.


The “SIAE narrates” project starts on November 21st and is divided into four episodes. The format can be followed on SIAE’s social channels: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, X and Instagram. “We will inaugurate this new format called ‘SIAE narrates’ – explains Fedez – in which I will interview great authors of Italian music, people who work in SIAE, to understand how the Society has improved compared to the past and what it does to protect authors and composers” .

Guests and dates

November 21: in the first episode, Fedez meets Dargen D’Amico. Singer-songwriter, author and producer, tells what the secrets of his profession are. Where does inspiration come from? Can it really manifest itself as a nuisance?

November 28: Fedez meets Mogol, the author who made the history of Italian music, today also Honorary President of SIAE. We talk about the importance of being credible, of extraordinary collaborations, and of a song considered by writers to be the most beautiful, Wind in the wind by BattistiMogol. Who knows if Fedez knows her…

December 5: Fedez meets Matteo Fedeli. The youngest General Director in the history of SIAE talks about how the Company has changed in the last ten years, and in which direction SIAE has invested to adapt to new business and remuneration models.

December 12: in the last episode of SIAE Guest speaker Klaus Bonoldi, Head of A&R of Universal Music Publishing Group, the one who for years finds and manages Universal’s authors. But how do you understand if a song is a hit? How is the music industry evolving?”.