Fedez still hospitalized, new bleeding: how is he?

The resignation that should have been imminent has been postponed. Problem solved without the need for transfusions

Feder remains hospitalized in Milan. The rapper has been in the emergency and oncology surgery department directed by Marco Antonio Zappa since last Thursday, following two ulcers that had caused internal bleeding.

What slowed down the rapper’s return home, which seemed to be imminent with his resignation, was a new bleeding. According to what Adnkronos Salute has learned, thanks to the constant monitoring carried out by Zappa’s team, after a drop in blood count Fedez underwent a gastroscopy yesterday which detected the new bleeding. An endoscopy performed immediately allowed it to be blocked without the need for any transfusion.

Hospitalization for ulcers and transfusions

On 29 September, from his Instagram profile, Fedez announced his hospitalization, confirming the rumors that had circulated in the previous hours and fueled bysudden return of his wife Chiara Ferragni from Paris. “Unfortunately I am currently hospitalized due to two ulcers that caused me internal bleeding. They saved my life,” Fedez wrote.

“In the meantime, thank you for all the messages you are sending me because support is always good in these moments”, added the rapper.

“Unfortunately I am currently hospitalized due to two ulcers that have caused internal bleeding,” explained the artist. “Thanks to two blood transfusions I am now much better. I thank the medical staff who literally saved my life.” At the same time, the wife published a story on her profile, with two overlapping hearts.

Fedez and the Belve case

While he is hospitalized, Fedez finds himself involved in the ‘Belve case’, with Rai stopping the possibility of an interview with the program hosted by Francesca Fagnani on Raidue. “The only thing that matters now is that Federico is well. Just a clarification. As regards the news relating to Fedez’s participation in Belve – Fagnani wrote on Instagram -, it is true that the Rai management did not consider it appropriate. I don’t agree with this decision nor has Belve ever silenced anyone. Maybe – he concluded – it won’t end like this”.

It is not the first time that Fedez is at the center of a case in Rai. There are two precedents in particular that concern the rapper: the phrases at the Concertone on May 1, 2021 and the performance on the Costa Smeralda ship in Sanremo 2023.

In the first case, it was Fedez’s controversy against the League and consequently Rai3 that took center stage. From the stage of the event the rapper had launched a direct attack on the Northern League senator Ostellari, guilty of opposing the Zan bill, and on Matteo Salvini’s party in general for its homophobic positions. So he had claimed the freedom of expression of an artist by reporting pressure received from Rai to sweeten the text of the speech, “defined as inappropriate by the deputy director of Raitre Ilaria Capitani”, he had explained. After the denial of the facts by Rai3, however, the singer dropped the bomb by publishing on Twitter the recording of the phone call received from Rai 24 hours before the event.

“I’m happy to have been on stage on May 1st, I didn’t expect a denial from Rai regarding what happened yesterday. I was called, they told me words like ‘you have to adapt to a system’ or ‘you can’t say the names you mention’. I would have liked to avoid it, but the moment I am called a liar I find myself forced to publish the phone call, one of the most unpleasant of my life”, he explained.

From the stage of Sanremo 2023, Fedez’s attack against the minister Matteo Salvini, the minister Eugenia Roccella and the deputy minister Galeazzo Bignami in the performance during the second evening. The singer, in a rap between news and politics, had therefore in particular targeted those who had negatively judged the presence of Rosa Chemical – without expressly citing Matteo Salvini -, then referring to the “vice minister dressed as Hitler” – undersecretary Galeazzo Bignami , of which he then tore the photo live – while, again without mentioning her name, he called into question the Minister of the Family, Eugenia Roccella (“Unfortunately, abortion is a right, yes but I didn’t say it, he said it said a minister”).

“I want to take full responsibility for what I did, the lyrics of the song had not been stated to the Rai staff present here”, Fedez then explained after the performance on the Costa Smeralda ship.