Fedez thanks Minister Schillaci on psychologist bonus: “But now we want to meet”

The minister sends a letter to the rapper after the petition to support the right to mental health, promising to release the funds

“Well done all guys, collecting 300 thousand signatures in three days is useful.” Fedez responds in his Instagram stories to the letter that came to him from the head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Health, in reference to the petition launched by the rapper on ‘Che tempo Che fa’ last week on the ‘psychologist bonus’. In the next few days this money will finally be released”, Fedez informs, first giving the “good news”.

According to what the Fedez Foundation reports, in the letter received from the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, it was confirmed that in the next few daysin collaboration with the Minister of Economy and Finance, the implementing decree for the 2023 Psychologist Bonus will be launched. “This means that the necessary funds will finally be released, responding to the legitimate requests of citizens”, reads the note from the rapper’s Foundation.

Then Fedez continues by getting to the heart of the less ‘peaceful’ issues: “The head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Health tells us that ‘we have done very great things on mental health’ – he argues – These great things, comparing ourselves with the realities with which we are collaborating that deal with mental health in the public health system do not seem to correspond to the truth, which is why we will proceed to answer what has not been done and should be done.”

In fact, the aim, says Fedez, “is not just to release funds but to obtain more funding for mental health in general”. Then there is the question of the meeting, on which Minister Schillaci does not seem to have given any response: “They answered us on everything but not the request for a meeting. Minister, if you want to discuss ideas and proposals we have, we are here: since there is neither yes nor no, maybe he forgot to answer”, says the rapper. Then thanks to those who participated in the initiative: “Petitions don’t always manage to achieve results, it also happens that they end up in a stalemate is not the case, so I thank everyone who signed and shared it.”

In the same communication, “the Ministry underlined the efforts made to improve the mental health situation in the country – explains the Foundation – However, in light of the information we have available and comparisons with public organizations active in the field of mental health, It turns out that the reality is not exactly this and that even more effort is needed to translate these promises into concrete actions. Therefore, we will continue to monitor and work tirelessly to ensure that words do not remain just declarations of intent. We will present further details on the issues soon which still require immediate interventions and actions.”

In the meantime, explains the Foundation, “we would like to underline that, despite the response received, the Minister has not yet accepted our request for a meeting. We believe that direct dialogue is essential to address complex mental health challenges and to ensure real change. Therefore, we renew our invitation for an official meeting, hoping that the Ministry will accept this request with a view to constructive collaboration. This experience demonstrates the importance of making your voice heard in society. Petitions can sometimes seem ineffective, but in this case we got concrete answers. We will continue to collect signatures, as each signature represents a step forward in our commitment to raise public awareness of mental health, an issue that affects each of us and deserves greater attention.”