Fedez, the tears and the message for Chiara Ferragni – Video

“You are the only person who has been by my side during this time”

“This period has made me realize how much I want to focus on my mental health and especially on my family and my wife.” Fedez barely holds back the tears when he talks about his wife Chiara Ferragni in the videos with which he exposes the problems he has accused in recent weeks after taking psychotropic drugs. The artist also dwells on the unfounded rumors about the couple’s crisis, which began to circulate after the Sanremo 2023 festival. “In this period everyone has been told about her, and she is the only person who has alongside during this time and I’m sorry that he had to suffer a totally undeserved media shit storm,” says Fedez.

“I want to thank my wife because she had to look after a whole family and me during this time and it’s not at all obvious, I’m truly a lucky man,” adds the rapper. Who explains how he will face the next period: “What will taking care of mental health mean in the coming months? Facing the traumatic events of my life in the most complex, most uphill and perhaps most painful way that is therapy. Without looking for shortcuts as I have I’ve done in these months. Don’t look for shortcuts, because they can hurt you”.

Fedez then posted a photo in which he intertwined his hand with that of his wife, commenting: “When something highly traumatic happens to you in life (such as a serious illness or a great death) take care of your mental and emotional health and do not neglect the your emotions in those of the people around you. A hug”. A post also shared simultaneously by Chiara Ferragni in her Instagram profile.