Fedez to his daughter: “If you don’t be good, I’ll take Elsa away from you and put Lino Banfi in”. And he answers

New curtain in the Ferragnez house. Little Vittoria turns everything upside down and “disturbs” the game in which her father Fedez and her little brother Leone were engaged. “I’ll take Elsa away from you and put the photos of Lino Banfi in your bedroom”, was the rapper’s nice reaction: Vittoria, in fact, is very passionate about the protagonist of the animated film Frozen. A joking “warning” that the little girl doesn’t fully understand, because she doesn’t know who Lino Banfi is. Leone also has some doubts: “What is it?”, she asks her father. And while the fear of losing her Elsa takes over, Fedez embraces Vittoria lovingly. A scene that did not escape the comments of the web but not even those directly involved, who “replied” remotely with a video on social media.

Lino Banfi’s video message

“Hi Fedez, you did well with Vittoria, that’s how it must be done”, begins Lino Banfi in the video posted in the Instagram Stories. “Vittoria, listen to me: you did well dad”, continued the actor ironically, showing the posters of his films hanging in the house. “Let’s put up these posters and remove Elsa’s ones, and put up my puppet so Leone is happy too. Hello to the whole family”, concludes Lino Banfi. A message that was also appreciated by Fedez, who reposted the video in his Stories together with the writing “Lino numero uno” and a little heart.