Fedez vs Lucarelli: “In bad faith and obsessed with me, you took a false step”

The rapper appeared stuttering and tried: “I’m sorry, it’s a problem I’ve had for some time”

It is a head-on collision between Fedez and Selvaggia Lucarelli. In fact, in a series of Instagram stories, the rapper is back more present than ever on social media to reply to the journalist who, in an article in the ‘Fatto Quotidiano’, had focused on the sale of Easter eggs of which Fedez is a testimonial, raising doubts about the nature commercial of the operation. Lucarelli had accused Fedez of “lack of transparency”, writing that “once again it is not clear whether the number of eggs sold will affect the amount of the donated amount, it is not clear whether it is a charitable or commercial operation or both, whether Fedez is a benefactor or a beneficiary and why two foundations are mentioned”. And concluding with a vitriolic joke about the Ferragnez: “They are like Easter eggs: nice packaging, but often there is a nasty surprise inside”.

Dry the reply of the rapper who, on Instagram, makes a series of stories, in which he appears tried and with a pronounced stammer: “I apologize – he clarifies – but it’s a problem I’ve had for some time”. And then he goes into the merits of the story: “Dear Selvaggia Lucarelli, your obsession with me today made you take a big misstep. You wrote an article where you assert that I would do charity for Carlo De Benedetti, your former employer among other things, when in reality I do charity for an association called Tog, for children who have serious neurological problems and illnesses. Thank you because you give me the opportunity to explain how I do charity through Easter eggs” . Then the jab: “No, I don’t fill De Benedetti’s pockets like you did until the other day working for his newspaper, but I do it for children who need it”.

Then he adds: “I managed to raise more than half a million euros in a year and I’ll tell you how we will donate the money”, clarifies Fedez and announces a press release to explain the collection methods.