Fedez, who is his mother and what does he do in his life that we also see in ‘The Ferragnez’

Fedez, who his mother is and what she does in her life that we also see in ‘The Ferragnez’; details of the rapper’s private life.

You have already seen the series The Ferragnez? If you are a fan of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez you cannot miss this wonderful journey, which will show you the most hidden sides of the most loved and followed family of the moment. A series in which all the members of Chiara and Federico’s families will appear: have you ever seen the rapper’s mother?

Fedez, who is his mother and what does he do in his life that we also see in ‘The Ferragnez’ (Source Instagram)

Her name is Annamaria, but for everyone she is “Tatiana”: she is also called this in the series. If you are curious to see and learn more the mother of the legendary Fedez you are in the right place!

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Fedez, have you ever seen mom? It also appears in The Ferragnez series

We know him very well, as we know the wonderful family he built with the queen of influencers Chiara Ferragni. But have you ever seen his mom? Is called Annamaria Berrinzaghi, but it is nicknamed by friends and family Tatiana. Also on Instagram, her profile has the following nickname “tatiana_family”. There he shares many shots of his family and his beloved grandchildren, Leone and Vittoria.

Annamaria is one mom manager, who has managed Fedez’s career since the beginning, from his first contracts to his first collaborations with record companies: he inherited the strength of his commitment and the desire to do from her. The rapper was born from the marriage between Annamaria and Franco Lucia, for years a goldsmith and then a warehouse worker.

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Here they are together in a “rare family photo”, as Tatiana wrote in the caption of the shot shared on Instagram:

(Source Instagram)

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And you, have you ever seen Fedez’s parents? The beloved grandmother Luciana, called Ciana, is also part of the splendid family, always present with them and super attached to her grandchildren: she is also among the stars of The Ferragnez!