Fedriga, an unrivaled encore in Friuli Venezia Giulia

After the successes in Lombardy and Lazio in February, another Region will be led by the centre-right. Compared to the downward slope recorded in the general elections in September, the League confirms itself as the first party in Friuli Venezia Giulia, ahead of the Brothers of Italy

The North-East is confirmed to be Northern League traction. There was no match between the political alignments. The centre-right wins easily in Friuli Venezia Giulia driven by the entirely personal success of the outgoing governor, reconfirmed Massimiliano Fedriga – defined as “the meek Northern League” – who comments: “the seriousness of those who pay attention to substance has been rewarded”. A result obtained thanks to the 19% conquered by the League – exceeding expectations it is the first party in the Region and surpasses the Brothers of Italy – but also thanks to the boom of its list above 17%. There was therefore no match with the centre-left which remains – in that area of ​​the country – all to be rebuilt. Despite the agreement reached between the Pd and the M5s, the dem remained unchanged at 16.5, the M5s at an all-time low, just over 2 percent, a bad Third Pole. And the effect of the new secretary, Elly Schlein – if she ever will be in those areas of Italy – has not been felt.

Power relations

From the competition in the North-East Region emerges the recovery of consensus of the Carroccio on FdI – which began with the February Regionals in Lombardy – compared to a slope that seemed to be descending and which rewards the secretary Salvini whose leadership had been questioned after the Policies of last September. Recovery that rebalances the balance of power within the government majority at the national level, but above all at the local level. Fedriga is preparing to govern another 5 years without internal tensions in his coalition: Lega plus List Fedriga with over 36% of the votes leaves the allies behind and this will weigh heavily on the constitution of the new regional council in Trieste. In Fedriga’s power space in the Region, but also in the future of the League.